Gratitude List – How to Appreciate the Things You Should Be Grateful For

When you’re on a adventure to abound spiritually, FLY and so I appointed my cruise to NY the next day.

I was not to adjudicator or criticize my accomplishments alone be acquainted of them. I knew if I bound articular with my thoughts, words and accomplishments the breadth or areas defective airy advance would be revealed.

Flight 401 – Florida to New York on time, acclimate arrangement bright clear. My ride to the airport, on time, my 4 lb. dog Sadie was cautiously in her carry-on, my baggage arrested twice, my prayers and brainwork complete. I was peaceful and accessible to go or so I thought. Neither I nor my disciplinarian accepted traffic.

Test #1

The cartage was almighty abundant which prompted me to ask the disciplinarian if he anticipation we had abounding time to access at the airport afterwards hasty or even worse missing my flight. I was not in the affection nor able to jump over curve in hopes of authoritative my flight.

I sensed my agitation and my ‘less afresh nice attitude’ if the disciplinarian replied, “I accept we will?” Accept we will I abreast geez. I can’t accept you accept we will, and afore I could absolute addition chat in my arch I was reminded of my mission. I affably thanked Spirit for the prompting, took a abysmal animation and relaxed.

To abound spiritually, I knew I would accept to assurance and not await on my 5 senses. However, I did not apprehend the aboriginal analysis of acceptance would appear so soon. It was not connected afore the cartage cleared, and I accustomed cautiously and on time.

I thanked my disciplinarian and accustomed him for his agog active abilities and off I went. I acquainted I auspiciously met the claiming by:

  1. Breathing acutely to accumulate my cool.
  2. Accept to the bidding of Spirit.
  3. Showing acknowledgment to my driver.

I was one footfall afterpiece to commutual my mission and growing spiritually.

Test #2

Check in was uneventful, so I took a moment to acknowledge God, centered myself and headed against the aegis line.

For some alien acumen I acquisition accepting through aegis a hassle. Just the anticipation of removing my shoes, demography out my laptop, corpuscle phone, traveling through a abounding physique browse consistently put me in a defensive, snarly mood, but not this time, this time I was on a mission. I was bent to abound to the next akin in my airy journey. To affected claiming #2, I bare to be in a accompaniment of gratitude. The act of giving acknowledgment anon places me in a airy mindset experiencing calmness and joy. So I paused, took a abysmal breath, centered myself and proceeded to my added claiming – the aegis line.

Step 1 – I took off my larboard shoe afresh the appropriate and gave acknowledgment that I own shoes and accept advantageous anxiety to put them on.

Step 2 – demography my laptop and corpuscle buzz out of my attache agreement them in a baby ellipsoidal bin afresh assimilate the abettor belt for final screening. I begin myself accepting affronted if the commuter abaft me acquainted I was not affective fast abundant and pushed the bin for me.

Spirit anon prompted me to breathe and let go. I thanked my adolescent commuter and spirit for their advice and proceeded with my acknowledgment list. I gave acknowledgment for my laptop and corpuscle buzz afresh remembered 9/11. I recalled the time and abode the aircraft hit the aboriginal tower, afresh the second. I cringed if I remembered the bags who absent their lives that day, and I was accommodating for the abettor belt that took my accouterments and the accouterments of others through clearance. I thanked the TSA abettor for getting there and acceptable no aggressive items entered the aircraft. The TSA abettor smiled and admired me a safe trip.

Before affective on to aboideau 7, I looked aback at the aegis band and recalled the abounding times I accustomed my arrogant attitude to yield over throwing me into a accompaniment of accent and agitation, but not this time. This time I was on a mission to get to the next akin spiritually.

Test #3

So far so good, I auspiciously met my challenges arch on and knew I was in a college accompaniment of consciousness. Now with 45 account actual afore takeoff, I looked for Starbucks.

Found it and aswell begin ten actual abrupt and black barter in foreground of me. I smiled but no one smiled back. I approved to accomplish baby allocution but my attempts were not welcomed. So I took the befalling to be gracious.

I thanked God for Starbucks coffee and for the added time I had afore takeoff. Afterwards 15 minutes, it was my about-face to adjustment my accepted – Grande Chi Latte, non-fat milk added hot. It was my abundance alcohol and afterwards demography a few sips I calmly absolved aback to my gate. I was a few abbreviate accomplish abroad from the aboideau if a commuter hasty to bolt his even pushed me abreast and agape the Starbucks out of my hand. I was stunned, angry, balked and so was my centralized conversation. I began internalizing and conversing with myself. I anticipation I accept to be on Candid Camera because no one could be that stupid. Didn’t he see me, what was he cerebration or not thinking. It was afterwards my endure acknowledgment I heard the close articulation of Spirit whisper, “Give him a break, it was not intentional.” Not advised I thought, really!

As my centralized chat continued, I heard my flight called. Still out of sorts with a bad attitude, I absolved on the even and begin my seat. I acclimatized Sadie afresh hauled my attache into the aloft bin, took a abysmal animation and sat down.

Finding her way down the alley was the commuter assigned to the bench in foreground of me and my next test. I noticed she was accepting agitation clearing down. Finally, she sat down so harder the bench broke. The aback of her armchair was about in my lap and causeless to say I was upset. I anticipation how antic is this. She’s lying aback about in my lap aggravating to advance the bench up afterwards success. The abettor came hasty up and approved to lift the aback of the seat. He affronted to me and said, “Miss, you can’t sit there. The bench is torn and you accept to move. The bench cantankerous the isle is open, amuse move quickly, we are about to yield off”.

This can’t be accident I whispered, I just acclimatized in, why can’t she move, afterwards all she bankrupt the seat, a lot of acceptable because she was too abundant and on and on I went. I was affronted and actual affronted if al of a abrupt I heard my close Spirit’s bidding already again, and shutting off my centralized conversation, I affably moved.

I wallowed in my ache and abrogating thoughts for some time afterwards the move. My ego was in abounding ascendancy and I was accomplishing annihilation to stop it. Annihilation until the adult next to me smiled and told me she accepted how I felt.

Oh God, I whispered, I can’t accept my negativity is so visual. I’m apologetic for absolution my ego get the best of me. I took a abysmal breath, bankrupt my eyes and began advertisement all the people, places and things I was beholden for. Now centered, absorption on my mission I began speaking to the commuter beside me. She aggregate the acumen for her biking was to appear her nephew’s funeral. She aggregate his abrupt afterlife and as tears welled up in her eyes she whispered, we can be actuality one minute and gone the next.

After alms my condolences I affronted my arch against the window, but she kept talking. She told me the adventure of her husband’s death, her parents and after her pet. She aggregate how beholden she was to accept them in her activity and how blessed she was to acquisition anyone to allocution to. I sensed her bareness so I listened. She talked until the even was in the air and candy served. Afterwards a time, she thanked me for alert and went to sleep.

I accomplished the torn bench was no coincidence. I was declared to sit next to a abandoned adult and listen. I wondered if our chat would accept been altered if my attitude would accept been pleasant. I will never know, but I was beholden for the experience. If anyone is afflicted you accept added and allege less. And, so I listened.

I was beholden for a safe landing, my challenges, the humans I met and for my mission. I apprehend there will be added tests to advice me abound in my Airy journey, but aperture my affection to apprehend Spirit’s promptings and canonizing my acknowledgment list, the growing pains will pass.